Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Break Essentials

It's midterms!! Everyone's favorite part of the semester where the libraries are swarmed with overworked, sleep-deprived students, anxious to prove all the valuable knowledge they've retained throughout the semester thus far. Kind of hard to prove especially if you haven't done half of the readings or stayed awake during lecture. And even if you were on top of your game and know your information front and back, there's always the bell-cure to knock you down.  Don't even get me started on the bell-curve. Oh and most of the questions are at least ten times harder than they were in class. Plus, you're probably sick right like the rest of the student body.

Sooooo I've decided to focus on Spring Break instead.  Way easier than studying. I'm tellin ya these are the must-haves of the season. Get your credit cards ready; you're about to do some damage. 

Guarantee if you got your swimsuit from Victoria's Secret, Buckle, or Target there will be at least one girl wearing the same one. There's nothing like the anticipation and excitement of showing off your new suit to the world being crushed by some girl wearing the exact same one.  Who does she think she is?! You called dibs. This is not another one of the celebrity "Who Wore It Better" contests. In order to avoid this altogether, find a unique suit to fit your style. Some trends of the season are one-shoulder suits (as pictured above), cut-out suits, and my all time favorite- sequins. I don't know what I'm more excited about- the stellar suits or the crazy tan lines. 

After all those years of making fun of my mom for wearing her pants so high, it's finally come back in style. You can rock it with an edgier top like Miley, a swimsuit top, or a flowy sheer shirt. The possibilities are endless. The only bad thing is it covers up your perfectly sculpted abs... 

Don't forget your stunna shades.  Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they allow you to creep on other people without them knowing.  It's a win-win. This season is all about crazy shades so don't be afraid to mix it up from the classic frames. 

So maybe they aren't very practical for the beach, but I couldn't resist.  I absolutely love wedges.  Pick one with a fun pattern or stick to the classics- you can't go wrong.  Plus, they're wayyy easier to walk in than heels and have a little more of a laid-back look.

The romper- just as convenient as a classic swimsuit cover-up but ten times classier.  It'll look like you actually made an attempt to look presentable. Ha, it's Spring Break- you shouldn't have to do anything hence the break.

Simple as that. Just grab a towel and sunscreen and you're set...after you survive midterms. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

the show must go on

Some of my best memories as a little kid come from summer camp. Every year, I would anxiously await the day I could finally head off to camp in search of new adventures. Soccer camp, Girl Scout camp, Camp Olson- I did it all, and loved every second of it. 

As a little girl, it's safe to say that I wanted to be like my big sister. Cute, I know. We're actually completely opposite, but that didn't stop me from wanting to try everything that she did while still balancing everything that I loved to do. Anyway, one summer my sister went to an acting camp and absolutely loved it. Me being the annoying sister that I was, immediately decided that I had to try it as well. Luckily, one of my friends from school was also in the camp with me, giving me someone else to dive into it with me. I quickly realized how fun acting, dancing, and singing can be while surrounded by about 20 other random kids. Back then, it was easy to let loose, be silly, and carefree even in front of people I barely knew. By the end, we were all pretty much best friends. 

Fast forward a couple years (or seven) to my sophomore year of college. I thought I could return to acting and be the same free-spirited girl as I was in the acting camps years ago. Not quite. This semester I decided to take an acting class because I wanted to switch it up a bit (aka I wanted a GPA boost). The first day of class I swear people probably thought I was a mute. I was scared to death. Um, since when have I been shy in front of people? I'm usually the girl who starts talking to random people on the street just for fun, or who starts dancing just for the heck of it. Honestly, I'm surprised I have friends. 

But back to the first day of class... How was it that I could be so outgoing with friends but so uncomfortable in front of people I didn't know? And how is it that I was terrified to do anything that first day, but years ago I wouldn't think twice about performing in front of others? 

Basically, I care wayyy too much about what other people think. As we grow older, we get so caught up in fitting in and are concerned about how other perceive us. It's easy to be confident and outgoing when you're surrounded by friends, but when you don't have that support system, it's a little harder to put yourself out there. As weird as it sounds, I'm so glad I took this class because it's forced me out of my comfort zone, something that I'm sure will happen many, many more times in life. Already I can tell that I will learn so much more about myself by simply doing something out of the ordinary. Obviously I won't be starring in any Broadway musicals or Hollywood movies any time soon, just the show I like to call my life. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Reasons Not to Have a Valentine

I'm gonna cut to the chase on this one. If you have a potential Valentine, you have approximately 8 days to kick him to the curb. Ready- aaaand go. Here are 8 reasons not to have a Valentine, one for each day leading up to the 14th. It's all about the pros and cons. And in this case, the cons win.

1. Save $$$
Think of how much money you'll be saving. You won't have to buy him a gift or a cheesy Hallmark card. Seriously though, that money could be used for far more important things than what? Cologne? A shirt? Think about it, you're only buying those things to improve him. He's definitely not worth your time if 1) he smells and 2) he has no sense of style. Why not improve yourself instead by using that money for a manicure? Better yet, you could put it in your savings account. Think of how responsible you'll feel! could pick out a super sexy outfit and see what cupid has in store for you. Okay so I guess you don't really save any money per say but still, you'll get a manicure or new little black dress out of it.

2. Spend time with your true loves 
Yeah, your friends are more fun than guys anyway. You can be as crazy/weird/wild as you wanna be around them and they still (surprisingly) accept you. Plus they're always there for you no matter what. Unless you still wear crocs, then you're on your own.

3. No pressure
No need to worry about reservations, what to wear, what to say, how you look. You won't have to spend time analyzing every little thing he does and says. Who cares what it means that he got you white roses instead of red? Or that he was two whole minutes late? You have no one to think about but yourself today, baby.

4. Be a secret admirer
If you have your eyes on someone, there's no better way to secretly tell them how cute you think they are, or how you love the way they always slip late into class at exactly 10:32 AM every day with the same golf sweatshirt and baseball hat. Oh and how they do that adorable thing with their hair.  Nope, not obsessed, just observant.

5. Why have one when you can have two?
If you go into Valentine's Day without a designated Valentine, you can technically have as many guys as you want. The more the merrier.

6. Jump start your diet
You'll dodge the box of chocolates your Valentine would inevitably give you. Doesn't he know it would totally ruin your diet? Guys these days...

7. You'll have plenty of time in the future to have a Valentine
Think of how many years you'll be stuck with the same Valentine year after year? Enjoy Valentine's Day while you can before you're restricted to a boyfriend or husband. Ew.

8. It's a Thursday. 
'Nuff said.

Alright, that might have possibly been a tad bit extreme. The point is, whether you're flying solo or not, enjoy the big 2-14 however you want. If you're single, remember- you were alone 364 other days, what makes this one different? And if you're taken, he better get you those 20 karat gold earrings. Just kidding again. If you're taken, enjoy all that lovey-dovey stuff.