Friday, May 31, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013

the procrastinator's guide to packing

I always head into the new school year with the intent of having the cutest room in the history of...ever.  Instead, I start packing the night before I leave for school again.  Um helloooo you think I would have learned by now that all-nighters never equate to marvelous murals on the wall that perfectly complement my lavish bedding fit for a queen.  It also means that the string of lights never shine quite right against my flawlessly organized collection of clothes that of course correlates with my extensive shoe assortment. Packing the night before leads to bare walls sprinkled with ripped out pictures from magazines of hot celebrities and sky-high piles of clothes hiding my supposed desk. This has to stop: 1) because I'm a Junior and I need to start getting my life together and 2) because it is socially unacceptable to have One Direction and Justin Bieber on your wall- not that I ever did that...okay, I was desperate. Oh, and 3) because maybe having a desk without who-know-what on top of it will motivate me to do my homework.

This is the fool-proof procrastinator's guide to a spectacular, jaw-dropping, gorgeous room.

  • Bedding: It's been said that you can tell a lot about a person by their comforter. Actually I just made that up but I swear it's true. Your bedspread makes a statement about you- are you simple, calm, adventurous, fun? Make sure it coordinates with the theme of your room and create a color scheme to match.  Then you're halfway there to perfection! Kind of.  Not only does your bedding have to match the rest of the room, it has to match each other which means the sheets, comforter, skirt, blanket- the whole shebang has to coordinate or you'll look tacky. Residence Hall Linens has everything you need and more to create that luxurious, cozy bed you deserve.    
  • Storage: So my stuff is usually scattered all over my room. Good thing I can navigate through the mess to surprisingly find what I need. It would be so much easier if I just used storage. Plus, my room would look ten times better. Under-the-bed storage works miracles- use it. Otherwise, pick up some cute drawers or trunks to store extra clothes, shoes, or other things that you don't need lying around. There's storage for everything. You'll impress your parents first of all by how clean your room is, and you can have room to do whatever you like with your friends- watch TV, do yoga, party, I don't know get creative. Bonus: make your storage match your color scheme. Ahhh it's giving me chills already. 
  • Closet necessities: Always showcase your clothes and shoes, because who doesn't want to feel like they have Barneys in their closet?! My number one tip for amping up any closet space is organization. Organize your clothes by color or style to give your closet a crisp look. My advice is to invest in velvet hangars; they can hold even the trickiest tops. Also, get special hangars for skirts and dresses, and pants if you wish. Like I said in the storage section, have something for your shoes otherwise they take up too much space. And like those wedges are to die for and you need to show them off to the world. Duh. 
  • Hamper: Don't get a bag, get a real hamper. And make sure you're able to wash it because chances are it will smell disgusting after you forget to do your laundry for a month. 
  • Furniture: Depending on your room, you might want to invest in some furniture. A futon is always a nice touch and gives people a chance to hang out in your room which is always a plus. Ottomans double as storage which is always needed. It's always nice to have somewhere to chill other than your bed so plan accordingly, depending on how much room you have. As always, match the furniture with the look you're going for. 
  • Entertainment: TV? Wii? DVD player? iHome? Speakers? All I need are my laptop and phone so I'm not the person to ask for this one.  
  • Decorations: Yayyy the fun part! Hang up pictures of you and your friends to remind yourself how crazy and awesome and adventurous and pretty you are. Who wouldn't want to befriend you after seeing those?! Try putting some in cute picture frames to mix it up. Lights are always really cool and make it look like you put in a lot of effort even when you didn't- perfect! There are so many lights you can choose from to go for the look you want.  Show off your artistic side by making decorations for the walls. You could paint a picture, write out one of your favorite quotes, or just copy everything on Pintrest. Most rooms are wood floors or tile, so a rug is always a good idea. You can have a statement rug or a simple one- your choice. Don't get one that's too expensive though because mine tend to get gross very quickly...
  • Other: You'll need powerstrips because there are never enough outlets. Also, make sure to bring a full-length mirror and a mirror to do your makeup and stuff. I've found that command hooks work wonders.  

Come up with a plan of how you want your room to look. With a little planning you'll be on your way to amazing! Give yourself enough time to purchase and pack everything. Look on different websites or in magazines to find inspiration. Next thing you know, your room will be the talk of the town. So here's to Junior year, finally getting it together! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

chia seeds make their comeback

So we've all had a Chia Pet at one point or another I'm sure. It may have been my pride and joy back in the day watching those little suckers grow.  Now, I'm happy to say I've been reunited with the infamous seed.  They're now the latest health fad.  

Packed with Omega-3, chia seeds can be a great addition to basically anything and the serving size is only 1 tsp.  They're tasteless so you can sneak them into your pancakes, yogurt, salads, soup- you name it!  My personal favorite is adding it to smoothies or just plain water.  In water, they expand, making you feel fuller for longer.  They can hold nine times their weight in water so they'll help you stay hydrated as well.  With the added fiber, it will prevent you from cravings later and cause you to eat less, especially if you consume it before a meal.  

Here's the low-down on the health benefits: 
  • controls blood sugar levels 
  • provides slow digestion which keeps insulin requirements low (and keeps your fuller for longer) 
  •  reduces plaque buildup associated with heart problems
  • full of vitamins & antioxidants! (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper) 
  • can help aid in sleep because it has the amino acid tryptophan
  • can lower "bad" cholesterol & raise "good cholesterol 
  • can prevent cancer because of the antioxidants

I was a little skeptical at first because in 1 tsp. there's 4.5 grams of fat. Really? They're like miniature seeds.  But I can honestly say eating these seeds made me eat less later because I was so much fuller all day which means in the long-run I probably consumed less fat.  I made a smoothie for breakfast that curbed my appetite for the remainder of the day. That's what I like to hear!  Apparently chia seeds are a testament to the saying "good things come in little packages".

Here's the recipe for the smoothie I made, but don't be afraid to get creative.  You can't really go wrong with a smoothie.  

1 cup Silk Vanilla Soy Milk
1 Banana
1 Cup Frozen Fruit 
1 tsp. Chia Seeds
Then, add water gradually until you get it to the consistency you want

If you want to make this a meal replacement, consider adding protein powder (serving size is usually 3 tsp.) but I wasn't a fan of the powdery taste

Sources: Check out these sites if you want more information or recipe ideas

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Paris is always a good idea"

Approximately 3 days ago I was probably the only college student in the history of the world to not be excited for summer.  I know, crazy.  To tell you the truth, it's because I hate, and I mean hate to make decisions because if anything goes wrong, I feel that it's my fault. I was planning on going back home and honestly had no clue what to do. All of my friends have full-time jobs so I was just planning on hanging out with them when they weren't being so dang professional and building a sick tan in the meantime while trying to commit to some kind of job. Besides making decisions I absolutely hate being bored, and if I were to stay in Rochester that's what I'd be 86% of the time when my friends or family were busy doing something with their lives.

I went home this weekend right before finals feeling super sad that another year of college was over...which got me thinking, why not stay at college as long as possible? I can always go back home for the summer but I can't always be a college student.

Suddenly, a scene from The Hills flashed through my head. It's when Lauren Conrad came back from the summer that she turned down Paris to spend time with Jason- which didn't turn out too pretty. Her boss basically ripped her apart and said she's always gonna be known as "the girl who didn't go to Paris".  Ouch.

Instead of doing what was best for her, she compromised and decided to get a place with her boyfriend.  Something that she could've done any time.  Well, I guess not really because they broke up instead. But how many times could she go to Paris? Well, I guess a lot because she is LC. Anyway my point is that for people who aren't on a reality TV show it's important to take chances and do the things that you want to do while you can.  As we're growing up, we won't have too many more summers where we're free to do whatever we want; we'll be stuck doing that dreaded thing called work.  So as the summer begins, remember to always seize the opportunity because when has Paris ever been a bad idea?

The Hills  once again teaching me a valuable lesson.  Where would I be in life without good ol' LC?!  Definitely not in Madison for the summer that's for sure.  And for that, I will be forever grateful.  I cannot wait to spend an entire summer in the city I love the most.  SUMMER 2013- GET READY!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

HitBliss: they'll give it to you no interruptions

Imagine this. You're enjoying your favorite TV show while you probably should be studying for finals, but whatever. Sometimes your weekly does of the tube is necessary. You're literally at the edge of your seat, eyes glued to the screen while holding your breath. OMG. The suspense. You're finally about to figure out the winner, the murder, the mistress (?)- I don't know something important and the BOOM. Commercial break. What kind of sick person would do this?! Seriously, as embarrassing as it sounds, you could probably recite those stupid, annoying ads that they show over and over again. 

Who has time for that? That's right- no one. I read about this cool new way to legally stream videos and TV shows right from your computer from an article on Her Campus. It's called HitBliss. Basically, you can watch anything under the sun without interruptions. Hoodie Allen would be proud. So what's the catch? You just have to earn it. By watching ads, you accumulate a balance that you can use to watch whatever movies or shows you like. You can even choose the ads you want to watch! 

Whenever you have a spare minute, watch an ad and voila! It's almost like a game- it asks you to either click or press enter during a certain part of the ad so it know's you're paying attention. Trickyyy. 

Convinced? Here's the link to sign up

Think of all the loooong summer days you can enjoy basking in the sun and watching HitBlis. Plus your friends will think you've got VIP privileges or something because you don't have the watch the ads. I won't tell I promise.