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a play-by-play of registering for classes

Check out my article on! It's about the crazy, emotional roller coaster of registering for classes. Had a similar experience?

an ode to no shave november

No Shave November in Haikus
It's said that haikus are a form of poetry that express natural beauty. I thought there was no better way to show my feelings for No Shave November in an eloquent, poetic way. For those of you who aren't familiar with this art form, the first and last lines are 5 syllables and the middle line is 7 syllables. So here it goes: 
A Gentle Reminder Boys with beards are gross  Shave it off right now or I'll Punch you in the face
If you can't pull it off, please don't do the whole No Shave November thing. It makes you look like a caveman. If I'm feeling nostalgic, I'd rather whip out some old pictures, not look at a prehistoric creature.

Waiting for the Day No Shave November The worst time of the year un- less girls can partake 
As Americans we're promised equality and the pursuit of happiness so it's basically written in the Constitution that No Shave November should be accep…

telltale signs you've been single for a while

So I may or may not have gained inspiration from my life and my friends' lives when writing this article...

But the good news is that being single means that you're just too unbelievably good looking. I like the sound of that. 

the many things that are greater than midterms

School is important, don't get me wrong but sometimes you have to loosen up a little- especially when shake weights, Chipotle and Ellen DeGeneres are involved. 

Last Monday night, the Ellen DeGeneres show took over the 600th block of State Street in Madison, where they held a costume contest. Ellen tweeted earlier that day, inviting people to be dress up in their craziest costumes and be ready to go by 4 p.m. Hold the phone. First off, I love Ellen; she's hilarious. Second off, I love going to stuff like that because it gives me inherent bragging rights. What did you do today? Class? Psh, I was on the Ellen Show. I'm so there. 
Buuuuut I was drowning in midterms. As in floundering at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean amid a herd of angry great white sharks. Basically, I couldn't go because I had to study. 
So I packed up my backpack, coffee in hand, and walked to the library. Too bad the taping just so happened to be conveniently on the way. WAT UP ELLEN?! 

It was crazy tho…