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the best looks of the Golden Globes & where to get them for less

Yesterday evening, our favorite stars strutted down the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes in the hottest trends of the season.  Check out my favorite looks as well as where to get them- so you'll shine like the stars even without their paychecks.  

The Black Dress 

There were so many hot black dresses this year, but the one that really caught my eye was Sophia Vegara's.  Pair this dress from Tobiwith a bold statement necklace to complete the look and turn it from Red Carpet to after-party-ready for only $58. 

The Pink Bodycon 

The Red A-Line 
Channel your inner-cupid like many of our Hollywood sweethearts, including Taylor Swift by choosing an A-Line dress that'll be sure to give you an elegant look right in time for Valentine's Day. Find this dress at House of Fraserfor $50.
The Foil Dress  Illuminate the room in a foil dres

happy birthday :)

It's hard to believe that beauty & a blog is now officially ONE years old!!! I was feeling pretty nostalgic on New Year's because last year I had the opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl.  Not only was I warm in California (like WHAT are these negative 50 degree temperatures?!) but I also got to watch my beloved Bagders in the biggest game of the season.  

Naturally, I traced back my very first blog post to help me reminisce of the days of Santa Monica Beach and trying to navigate West Hollywood in 5 inch heels.  

It was titled "We're Doin' It Live" in honor of our adventures in Cali.  We had absolutely no plans.  We just went for it.  And we had the time of our lives.  

Our only goals were to not get lost and to not die.  Miraculously, we managed to pull both of those off.  Maybe it was because of the couple's advice we shared our taxi from the airport with- "don't ever agree to leave with a producer who promises to put you on TV and wants to bri…

loose curls tutorial

Wanna get curls like Ashley Benson?  Uhh...does the bear sh@* in the woods?

(the answer is yes.) 

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Beauty Favorites 2013

you learn something new every day

I remember every day when my dad got home from work, he would sit at the kitchen table and have dinner.  When I strolled crawled through the kitchen after a tough soccer practice the first thing he would ask was the dreaded question: "so what did you learn at school today?" Time after time, I would answer "nothing".  Little Miss Sassy, everybody. 

Thinking back, I realize that 1) I had a serious case of teenage angst and 2) I actually did learn something important every day even if it wasn't necessarily related to school, which is still true to this day.  

In 2014, I want to make a mini "book" of all the things I learn each day because often times I learn something and then forget it months later when I could really use that advice.  It'll be like my very own guide to life- some funny, some serious, some educational, some fun.  

For example: "today I learned that barbecue sauce tastes good on literally everything. But like literally everything.&…