Monday, March 24, 2014

the biggest perks of being a journalist

As journalists, we don't live the most glamorous lives.  In fact, most likely our "pockets are on a diet" as 2 Chainz would so eloquently say.  Meaning, right out of college we don't get jobs- we get internships.  Unpaid internships. In New York City, the most expensive city to live in. 

So why, you might ask, would one pursue a degree in this "dying field?" Where do I even start? 

1. You get to retweet yourself.  You can have multiple Twitter accounts for your different internships, blogs, classes, etc. and get the thrill of retweeting yourself without judgement from others because it's all part of your job. 

2. You have twice as many followers. Speaking of Twitter-and all social media for that matter- you have twice as many followers because half of them are you. The account you're in charge of for your club follows you, your multiple blog accounts follow you, your account you made for a class follows you.  No one has to know the secret to your popularity on social media. You've earned those bragging rights. 

Photo by Roger Price
3. You get to drink lots of coffee. Because coffee is a journalist's peanut butter to their jelly. A Jay-Z to their Beyonce. A Mayfair filter to their selfie. They just go together and no one can deny the magical connection. 

4. You have an excuse to talk to cool people. You aren't as creepy for asking someone for an interview if it's for an article, right? It's the perfect way to start talking to that person that everyone is secretly or not-so-secretly starstruck about. Hint: tell them your editor requested you to take lots and lots of pictures. 

5. You can exercise your right to the freedom of speech. Look at you, being all patriotic and stuff. Such a good citizen. 

6. You get a lot of free stuff. Many times, companies will send you products to review for free, or you get to attend an exclusive event for free. Remember what I said before about internships and how they were unpaid? Yeah, free is a big deal. 

Photo by Mark J Rebilas
7. You know a lot of random information. Since your job is to report on the latest, you're one of the first to know who Selena Gomez is or is not dating, the newest cause of cancer, and how many hours of sleep a person really needs before a test. Might as well go on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with that much knowledge. 

8. You get to inspire others. Whether you're sharing a sports team's Cinderella story or a touching article about someone starting their own non-profit, you have the power to inspire others. Some people think the news is filled with all bad. Be different and share the good. 

Why do you love doing what you do, whatever that might be?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

15 things as uncomfortable as the Bachelor finale

In case you missed it, the final episode of the Bachelor can be summed up in one word: uncomfortable. If you don't care at all about the show, skip to the summary. If you want to relive the painfully awkward moments continue on. 

Usually it's all about love, but this time proves...unique. First, the secret Juan Pablo and Clare conversation happened, followed by the awkward encounter with JP's family who pretty much told both girls that he is anything but husband material. Then, for the final rose ceremony, Clare spills out her heart to Juan Pablo only to be denied.  And it only goes downhill from there. Nikki tells JP she loves him, in which he responds "I'm not going to propose to you even though I have the ring in my pocket. I like to a lot, though," and winks.  I honestly don't know which is worse. The fact that he didn't say he loved her even when Nikki was waiting to hear those words or the fact that he winked at her.  

Photo via E! News
There's more- it only continued to get more uncomfortable after the show.  Chris Harrison railed Juan Pablo, trying to get him to admit that he loved Nikki, all while she was wrapped in his arms claiming that they are "very happy" together despite it being four months and they have no future plans together and her BF can only say he likes her a lot even though she already dropped the L word. 

JP cut off Chris Harrison twice which multiplied the tension. Chris then decided to have the past contestants Sean and Catherine offer their opinions on the matter, which clearly didn't align with this season's contestants considering S & C tied the knot earlier this year. Meaning they like each other more than a lot. 

Summary: It was a very uncomfortable situation. 

However, uncomfortable situations are unfortunately inevitable. Here's 15 moments that are just as awkward than the final episode of the Bachelor. 

1. You accidentally "like" someone's old picture on Facebook. This applies to Twitter, Instagram, and all other forms of social media. The fact of the matter is you were creeping hard and now the other person knows.  You're basically saying Hi, I just wanted to see how you were doing slash figure out more about you because I've only met you once in my life. I somehow ended up in your high school pictures. 

2. An unknown number texts you. Do you pretend you know who it is? Do you respond, hoping they'll uncover their identity? How did you meet this person? How did they get your number? 

3. You see your classmates over the weekend but don't talk in class. Apparently being BFFs on Friday is a completely different thing come Monday morning. Looks like you're left to wonder what exactly you did or said to this person when you were having a heart-to-heart over Long Islands. 

4. You did better on a test than someone else even though you didn't study. Uhh...I forgot what I got on the test what did you get? Oh you got a B? Weird I got the same score. What they don't know can' t hurt 'em. 

5. You think someone is waving at you but they're actually waving at the person behind you. Hi, nice person I don't know!  I know, I'm popular. It's so sweet of you to wave at...the person behind me that you do know. Carry on. 

Photo by Andy Jones
6. You forget you only know something about someone else because one of your friends told you. Your friends told you all about Drew but you forget that you haven't actually met. So every time you see him, you start conversation about the things you already know about him including his hometown, major, and favorite color. 

7. Someone hits "reply all" and sucks up to the professor via email. Maybe if you were smart enough to just hit "reply" you wouldn't have to suck up to your teachers, there buddy. 

8. Locker rooms. Keep your eyes on the ground at all times. 

9. You text someone and they don't respond. It's not awkward until you see them later that day, which is bound to happen, and they claim they never got it. Double awkward if you double texted. 

10. Your hairdresser (friends/relatives) asks you why you're not dating anyone. Because I'm fabulous, okay?! 

11. ...Or they assume you're dating Nick but you're actually just friends. Thank you for turning this purely platonic relationship into one of constant fear of sending each other the wrong signals. 

Photo by mikapon 
12. You realize you forgot your credit card after the cashier rings up your groceries. Or your credit card gets declined in front of a long line of anxious customers and you're just like: heyyy, wasn't hungry anyway. Have a nice day. 

13. Your friend's outfit that she claimed was the cutest thing ever turns out to be a jean jumpsuit. Nope, not cute but you're forced to agree with her even though she can tell you're lying through your teeth.   

14. You see someone who you were matched with on Tinder. You both recognize each other and maybe even do a double-take until you both walk your separate ways and vow to never use the app again.  

15. WOS. Hello, world. Just thought I'd get an early start to the day and go for a nice scenic walk. Why yes, these are the clothes from last night, but only because my laundry machine is broken and I had no other options. 

Even if these have ever happened to you, at least your uncomfortable moments weren't on national television. 

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