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#nocaptionneeded : a review of my four years at UW-Madison

We've all had those moments, the ones we can't describe to anyone else because there's not a single way to explain it that will do it justice. Well what if that moment for me wasn't just a string of seconds, days, weeks or months, but what if it years? Four to be exact. 

I can't begin to explain how amazing my experience at UW-Madison was these past four years; I can't even wrap my head around it myself. But I'm going to try. 

I came from a small high school, with about 120 kids in my class, half of whom I knew since I was five years old. Everything was familiar. I thought I knew how life worked. But then I came to Madison and everything changed. You see, all of my life, I thought happiness was good grades, soccer game wins and mediocre weekends (and by mediocre I mean my weekends mostly consisted of me and my friends driving around town because we didn't know what to do.) 

Madison taught me that happiness is breaking free of familiarity, challenging yours…