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The Top 10 Hottest Majors for Guys

While casually perusing Facebook, something caught my eye. A diamond in the rough. The Top 10 Majors with the Hottest Girls brought to you by none other than Total Frat Move. While skipping through their slideshow, my heart started racing with excitement after I got to number three, knowing that the number one spot was within reach. "Come on journalism, pull through for me," I thought. "I'm not paying thousands of dollars not the be the hottest major." (Totally kidding BTW. Stay in school kids, regardless if you're the hottest or not.) 

YES! Journalism for the win! My face immediately lit up and a sense of pride enraged through my veins.
...Until I realized, who cares if I'm in the hottest major for girls? WHY am I not in the hottest major for guys?! Talk about a good couple grand spent right there, showing up to class next to Mr. Beautiful and Price Charming. Study sesh anyone?! 
Alright, again I'm kidding. But here's a list in response to the one…