Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the 5/2 diet

Ahh, a new school year. Here's to a fresh start and new beginnings. As of this moment your grades are perfect, and you can't wait to get started making amazing memories with your recently reunited crew. This is your year, jam-packed with fun and good fortune. Not to mention you could be a stone lighter. 

What's a stone? It's British for fourteen pounds! (I used that because you're gonna be more cultured and sophisticated this year. Just kidding, the health journalist Michael Mosley who developed this fad is from England so I copied him.)

The trick? Fasting. I know, it sounds obvious right? Bear with me; there's more than meets the eye. The 5/2 Diet includes intermittent fasting, meaning you eat normally for five days of the week, and fast for two days. On the fasting days, you cut your caloric intake by 1/4. Women should consume only 500 calories, and men 600. By following The 5/2 Diet, also known as The Fast Diet, you can lose up to one pound per week. It's only two days- forty-eight hours- of fasting! You can do it! 

After going into an annual physical, Mosley was told he was diabetic and his cholesterol levels were too high. As a result, he tried intermittent fasting and eventually developed the 5/2 approach. After just three months, he lost 19 pounds (about a stone!) and his blood levels were back on track (3). 

And if that isn't amazing enough, studies have revealed that those who use this approach lose more weight than people who restrict calories daily. So even if you restrict your caloric intake by about 400 calories per day to equal a 3,000 calorie deficiency per week, you still won't lose as much weight (or reap the added benefits) as those doing intermittent fasting who also cut out about 3,000 calories per week. You're also much more likely to stick to this method than daily dieting because you're technically only restricted on two days. That being said, you still have to be mindful of what you are eating on your non fasting days and don't go overboard. 

Benefits: Besides toning up and losing those extra lbs. there are many health benefits associated with the 5/2 Diet. 
  • Increased alertness: Because your body isn't constantly weighed down by food, you'll enjoy being more alert and in-tune with your other senses. Peeerfect! You'll finally be able to pay attention to the professor without constantly checking your Twitter, Facebook, email, Instagram, Pintrest, Wanelo, Snapchat...In addition, people reported feeling more energetic and awake. 
  • Greater sensitivity to insulin: This is exactly what you want in order to lose weight. Contrary to what most people believe, losing weight is not just up to what you eat- it's about your hormones. According to the Mayo Clinic, "insulin is the hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar or glucose" (1). Basically, you don't want to be insulin resistant or your body will store extra calories as fat and not be able to properly regulate glucose levels in the blood. With more constant blood sugar levels, you will have less hunger pangs. 
  • Better sleep: Your eating pattern can disrupt your sleep. By fasting, you can essentially reset your body into it's proper sleeping cycle which means better sleep for you. Getting a good night's sleep is also linked to less cravings of high fat and sugary foods. It's a win-win. 
  • Greater control: Michael Mosley, the creator of the 5/2 Diet, reports on non-fasting days, he experiences greater control over his eating. You're less likely to binge because intermittent fasting makes you more aware of your body and when you're actually hungry.
  • Live longer: That's right- this is the secret to youth. There's evidence that less calories, and more nutrients leads to higher life expectancy. This again has something to do with your hormones, in particular a growth hormone called IGF-1, which "triggers repair and recovery at a cellular level." (2)

So what do you think? Will you try it? 

Note: There is not enough research backing up the 5/2 Diet to show prolonged effects. If you do decide to try it, consult your physician to avoid any possible side effects. 


Monday, August 12, 2013

A Sorority Spa-Cation

Between rush, class, football games, formal, and socials, it seems like there's always an occasion to dress up and look cute. With your painted nails, hair bows, and lipstick secured, you're only missing one more thing- smooth, sexy legs. That means "No Shave Novemberis not in the cards for you this year.

They say that beauty is pain, but beauty is also hard work. Sometimes, you want to just sit back and relax for once! 

As always, I have a solution. Call me your fairy godmother. 

Crowdtap and Veet have partnered up to create a program specifically for sorority women called "A Sorority Spa-cation", where hosts will be chosen at different universities across the country and will receive free products from Veet that they can test out. This includes anything from wax strips to hair removal creams, plus products like homemade lip scrubs and chalkboard nail polish. Think about it- you won't have to ever shave again so no razor bumps or gashes in the leg. And you won't have to plan out when you'll shave in order to get optimal smoothness for semi- you'll always have smooth skin...and kissable lips to match! 

Once you're a host, all you have to do is invite your friends to check out
Veet's amazing beauty products and then report back to Crowdtap with their thoughts. P.S. Being a campus advocate is always a good resume-booster.
 If you want to become a Veet Vixen and want to experience that feeling of "getting away" after a rejuvenating visit from the spa you can visit this website: 

So let's back up for a sec. What is Crowdtap? It's a website that allows you to engage with the brands you want and share your experiences with their products. You're given challenges to complete and then given rewards for your efforts. Again, free stuff. Check it out here

Who says every day can't be a vacation? Taking a spa day every day is nothing to be ashamed about. Especially if you're looking good while doing it. And getting free stuff. And hanging out with friends. And building your resume. So where will your 
spa-cation take you? 

Just be sure to be back in time for Chapter, philanthropies, and Homecoming! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


a ship in the port is safe,
                                   but that's not what ships                                   are built for 

You were made for more, now go do it! 

What will you do today that will put you outside of your comfort zone? 

Friday, August 9, 2013

the hills alternate ending!

My life is complete!!!! MTV finally released the alternate ending to The Hills. For a little background, The Hills has been the only TV show that I've ever religiously watched. As a little-ish girl growing up, I wanted to be just like LC and Audrina so I'd tune in every Monday to follow their lives. Those were the days. 

When the show finally ended, I was heartbroken 1) because it was over, obviously and 2) because it ended with someone yelling "cut" and the camera slowly zooming out showing the set and revealing that it was all fake! Low blow, MTV, low blow. 

After the finale aired, Brody dished: "This ending was perfect because you still don't know what was real, what was fake and it's kind of like L.A. in a sense. I thought it was very clever, and I was happy with it."

Very insightful, Mr. Jenner. 

After many years a couple days, I  finally recovered. But there was always a part of me that just couldn't accept how it all ended- Kristin and Brody saying their goodbyes as Kristin leaves to go to Europe. 

Come onnnn. 

But MTV has finally released the alternate ending and it couldn't be any more perfect! After saying his final words to Kristin, Brody returns back to his apartment. And who's on his couch you ask? None other but LC. For years, Brody and Lauren have cycled between being "just friends" and together. Who wasn't rooting for them? Kristin can't just sweep in and steal the guy again. Team Brody and Lauren. The world is finally right. 

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the alternate ending here:

how to quit your job the right way

As the school year quickly approaches, its finally time to say peace out to your summer job. Its important to leave on good terms though- you'll never know when you'll need a reference for the future. As tempting as it is to make a dramatic exit worthy of the movies and call it quits right on the spot- or is it just me?!- follow these steps to make good lasting impression as you move on to bigger and better jobs. 

Give your employer at least two weeks notice

In the professional world, its pretty standard to give employers two weeks notice before your last day. Make sure you specify exactly when your last day will be to avoid confusion. Its always nice if you actually type up a two weeks notice that specifies your last day. Be sure to include a thank you for everything this job has taught you. Even if you didn't learn anything and hated every second of it, make it up! Its better to be polite, than bash a potential reference. Plus in future interviews for jobs, they'll most likely ask you about your experiences at this job now. It looks really bad if you say negative things about past employers so its better to come up with amo now, than to accidentally catch a case of word-vomit during an interview. 

Stand your ground

Easier said than done. My name is synonymous with pushover when it comes to jobs. If someone asks me to work an extra 10 hours for them, I do it. I'm like a yes-man when it comes to jobs. But when quitting, you have to be able to stand your round and tell your boss/manager that you need to quit- no questions asked. Even if they beg you to stay, or tell you that they can work around your schedule, stick to your original plan and don't back down. Do what's best for you. Don't be afraid to tell them you're quitting if its truly in your best interest to quit. Obviously you weren't in it for the long haul. I don't think any of you were looking to make a career out of painting houses, scooping ice cream, or baging groceries right? 

Be confident 

This kinda goes along with the previous, but managers are like dogs- they can smell fear. Idk actually I just made that up. But if you go up to them shaking and cant even make eye contact with them your argument will be much less convincing. Delivery is key. Its much better to say something like "hey, I've been thinking a lot about my upcoming responsibilities during the school year and don't think its realistic to continue working here. It would be unfair for me to make a commitment to you that I know I won't be able to uphold, so I think its best for me to put in my two weeks now." Instead of mumbling something random out of nervousness. Or my personal favorite, saying "hey, I need to talk to you about something...I your shoes?"  Yes, you got it- that happened to me once. Guilty as charged.  Avoid awkward encounters and just get it over with by knowing what you're going to say beforehand and being confident about it. No need to be scared! You'll feel much more relieved when you finalllyyy got the nerve to tell em whats up. 

Just pretend like you're Queen B if you need a confidence boost. 

Don't bad-mouth 
Don't talk back to your manager or boss and don't talk about them behind their backs. It'll probably come back to haunt you, so why not play it safe? You have two weeks left; I think you can handle it. 

Keep smiling til the very end 
You wanna end on a good note. You want your coworkers to remember you in a positive light. Whenever I get a new job, I'm always told stories about "that girl" who used to work there that was just horrible, snotty, crazy, etc. Don't be that girl. Be the girl who's smiling til the very second she leaves those doors. Then

RUN FOR THE HILLS YOU'RE FREE!!!! ...Until next year 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7 things I learned from the bachelorette

Let me start off by saying, I've never been a huge fan of The Bachelorette. I thought it was just a show about people making out on beaches (kinda true) until I started watching Emily Maynard's season. And then I was hooked. I'm not one for grand gestures of love in real life. IF I do say anything somewhat cute to a guy, it's either in a highly sarcastic tone, or followed by a million cheesy emoji's to get the point across that I don't actually mean it. But under that tough-girl front, I do have a heart. And when it comes to TV shows, books, and movies, it's a pretty big heart. Like damn. How cute was Chris' proposal to Des though?! ADORABLE. I can't even...

After watching Emily's and Des' seasons of The Bachelorette, I've realized I've learned a couple of things. First and foremost...

1. The Bachelorette is highly realistic. 
I don't know about you, but personally, I have 20 plus guys pursuing me at the same time. So naturally, like all the other bachelorettes, I cry a lot because it's such a rough life. And most people, like Emily and Des, have flawless hair and makeup especially when just rolling out of bed so don't worry- they're just like you and me. Not to mention, most of us have the resources to go on amazing dates in other countries. Pshh a trip to the Caribbean is just pocket change. Oh, and my closet is composed of millions of prom-esque dresses too that I wear on the daily. How did you know?! 

Alright, all joking aside, these are the life lessons I've learned thus-far. 

1. "Open your heart up to love".
Ahh, Christ Harrison. What a guy. Feeding us words of wisdom since day one. It's true though, if you want to find love- or lust, or a boyfriend, or a friend with benefits, etc- you gotta be open to it. It's so easy to put a guard up and not open up to people, but then how will you ever really get to know someone let alone fall in love with them? Keep in mind I said be open to love and new experiences not be desperate and clingly and obsessive. You'll find love when the time is right. Don't force it, crazy. 

2. Always be honest with yourself. 
We've all been there-- head-over-heels in love. It's important to keep a check on your feelings throughout the whole span of the relationship. In the beginning, he or she may be just what you're lookin for, but maybe as the relationship progresses, you realize they just aren't cuttin it or they don't have what you need for the future. Also, don't ignore things just because you're blinded by love. If something seems shady or a little off, it probably is. On the flip side, it's not fair to you, or the other person, if you're just holding on to someone just for the mere fact of having a significant other. If you want something hanging on your arm, invest in a purse. I've seen much cuter purses than boyfriends. I admire Des and Emily for cutting to the chase with a lot of the guys on the show. If they weren't serious about someone, they let them go right away instead of painfully dragging them through the process.  

3. Beware of those in it for the wrong reasons. 
Maybe they're a gold digger. Maybe they're just in it for a free birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day present. Maybe they want to get to your friend instead. Or maybe they're just into you because of your looks. Whatever it is, there could be times when people aren't as transparent as you would like. Again, be honest with yourself and you'll most likely be able to determine if someone's a keeper or not. Chris, Des' fiance (YAYYY!) said time and time again that he was a skeptic of the show. Probs because so many people are in it for the fame. So yes, be a skeptic and be smart, but don't let that fear take over. 

4. First impression isn't everything. But don't screw up.
 And by don't screw up, I mean don't come dressed as a knight in shining armor like that one guy with Des. Or be the one who gets too drunk on the night of the show (or the first date). Remember Emily's season when Jef gracefully came rollin in on his skateboard? Mmm right from that moment I wanted them to be together. If your first impression doesn't turn out to be some grand entrance and actually turns into a disaster, don't sweat it too much. If Lindsay can pull off wearing a wedding dress the first night and can still make it to the final rounds with Sean, I think anyone can survive an awkward first encounter. 

5. Hang in there. 
Just because you aren't on someone's radar 24/7 doesn't mean you should give up. Don't let the competition get to ya. If you want something, fight for it! No, I don't mean throwing punches- stay classy for Pete's sake. What I'm saying is you might not always be number one on someone's list, but don't take that too personally. Lists change, and so do people. 

6. Heartbreak happens...

Can we just take a moment of silence to reflect back on Des and Brooks?......What a tear-jerker. What can we learn from it? Heartbreak happens. Period. There's no way to avoid it. Hey, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before, right? 

7. ...and so does love. <3 <3 
Despite the heartbreak, love happens too. I still get chills thinking about this season's finale of The Bachelorette, and maybe, just maybe, teared up when I saw the proposal. I know I'm a disgrace to, well everyone, but it's shows like these that make me believe in love. So if anyone knows any guys who will read me poetry, dress up in a suit, or call me beautiful, tell them to hit me up. Toootally kidding. 

I think I'll be just fine with making sarcastic remarks to guys instead of actually expressing my feelings for the timebeing. After all, marriage and a fairy tale ending is a loooong way off. We've got plenty of time to experience the butterflies, nerves, heartbreak, and everything inbetween on the "journey to find love" compared to those bachelorettes who only had 10 weeks. So make sure to distribute those roses wisely. Best of luck. xoxo

On second thought, where's Juan Pablo?! All of my roses are for you.