Why We Should Be More Like Jennifer Lawrence

It seems like the whole world is obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence.  I hear her name everywhere.

"She's perfect."
"Favorite actress!!!"
 "Love her!"

Who is this girl? Wasn't she just that actress who played Katniss?  And what's all this buzz about her and the Oscars?  After doing a little research, I came to the conclusion that yes, she is pretty legit.

Instead of focusing on fitting in to the Hollywood mold (which happens to be size zero) Lawrence wants more to be a role model for others.  She's often questioned about her weight, and is even quoted saying "In Hollywood, I'm obese...I'm a fat actress."  Yet, she could probably kick any one of the stick-thin stars in Hollywood's asses.  Rather than trying to be simply skin and bones, Lawrence works to be healthy and fit.  And obviously it's working; this girl can rock anything.  I think she sends a great message to those that struggle with body image- you don't have to be a certain size to be sexy.  It's more important to be fit and comfortable with your own body.  Confidence is key.  What's that saying?  Fake it til you make it?  Why not fake killer legs til you...um, make killer legs?  You get the point.

While accepting her Oscar for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence tripped up the stage...and I thought tripping up the stairs in high school was bad.  Although she didn't exactly showcase her gracefulness, she did display her charm.  She simply brushed it off, laughed, and kept going.  How great is she? I mean, most people would either cry or make it super awkward.  Just imagine Kristen Stewart.  When she finally made it onstage the whole audience was standing, applauding her for not only her amazing performance (I assume, I haven't seen it yet) in Silver Linings Playbook, but also partly because of her ability to make even falling look adorable.  But if someone were to make fun of her for falling, she's already come up with a response: "'Yeah, and then I got touched by Hugh Jackman."  Touche.  Totally worth the stumble.  

Even on the Red Carpet, Lawrence was causing a ruckus.  She swore on national television while sharing her love of the show Dance Moms with a reporter.  First off, swearing on the Red Carpet was a pretty ballsy thing to do.  It definitely shows that she doesn't really care what people think, which is obviously an admirable trait.  I mean, as long as she's not out-of-control, it shouldn't matter what she does.  Secondly, she watches Dance Moms so she must be pretty cool.  I personally don't watch that show but reality TV is my go-to.  I know, I know I should be embarrassed, but seriously I can't get enough of The Real Housewives, or the Kardashians. And don't get me started on The Hills.  Anyway, anyone who's willing to share their guilty pleasure of watching reality TV has got my approval.  

After the Oscars, Lawrence was asked her routine to get ready for the big night.  She basically said she tried on her dress, showered, and then had other people do her hair and makeup for her.  No crazy fads, or spending hours getting ready.  Just a down-to-earth girl.  Who also happened to take a shot before.  Cheers to that.  

Finally, after her role in Silver Linings Playbook, she is working to stop the negative connotation mental illnesses have in the US.  In one of her interviews, she says that people with other health issues such as asthma receive treatment without question so what makes a mental illness any different?  Both are health problems needing treatment, yet metal illness is stigmatized in our culture.  She hopes her role in the film helps in some way to change our society's view on mental illness.  

Well, I think we'll be seeing much more of Jennifer Lawrence in the future.  And I'm completely fine with that.  


  1. Love this! She's so inspirational and Hollywood could use a lot more women like her to show girls that being stick thin doesn't make you happy!

    1. totally agree...and she reinforces the fact that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself even with all the pressures to fit in

    2. So true, love this article! "JLaw" rocks.


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