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True Life: I'm addicted to my iPhone.  What can that little device not do?  It's a calculator, iPod, phone, camera, flashlight, the list goes on and on.  Besides the popular apps- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, SnapChat, etc- there are so many more useful ones right at your fingertips ( ha literally).  Whether you love to shop, want to edit photos, or just listen to music I guarantee there's an app for you, and better yet it's probably free!  If you shop somewhere often, search to see if there's an app so you can get exclusive deals or rewards (Victoria's Secret, anyone?).  Or maybe download one of the airline apps if you travel a lot.  If you're obsessed with a TV or music artist, check out what the app store has to offer.  After you're done, check on some of my faves- you may fall in love.  

Find My Phone

What in the world did I do without this app?!  I guess, not so much the app as connecting my iPhone with iCloud.  I literally lose my phone 389470238 times per day so for me, discovering this was monumental.  Once you connect your phone to iCloud, you can locate it from someone else's phone who has this app or on any computer.  You can also lock your phone, erase all the data, have it play sounds, or send a message to the person who may come across your phone.  

Find My Friends

A little creepy but hey!  Download this app, add your friends, and you can locate them at any point.  Perfect if you have a friend who has a tendency of getting lost. This can also serve as a form of entertainment if you know your friends are traveling.  You can track their progress without badgering them the whole time.  Or you can casually tell someone you know where they are.  Either way.  

Battery Doctor

My battery dies on the reg.  I'm the girl who is lugging a charger everywhere and plugging my phone in at random places.  Not anymore!  This app tell your how many hours of battery your phone has left, as well as how to optimize your battery life.  For example, it says how much longer your battery will last if you suspend Wi-Fi.  It also comes with tips on how to maintain your battery and extend usage. Lifesaver.  

Nike Training Club

Who knew my iPhone would double as a personal trainer?  These workouts are amazing.  You can pick between four categories- Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong or Get Focused.  Each have multiple workouts that range anywhere from 15-45 minutes making your workout more personalized.  You can also choose beginner, intermediate, and advanced depending on your skill level. If you choose Get Focused, you can pick which body part you want to perfect- legs, arms, abs, back, shoulders, butt.  Once you've completed however many workouts, you can download bonus workouts from prominent athletes such as Hope Solo, Serena Williams, and Shawn Johnson.  Get ready to sweat!  

Charity Miles

While you're on that workout grind, why not go for a quick run, walk, or bike ride?  Wait, and you can help a charity while you're at it!  Say no more.  Just pick the organization and go.  

Beauty Box

This app can work miracles.  You can make your photos look brighter or clearer with multiple filters.  Like Instagram, but a little more natural-looking.  It can even out your skin tone, or just make you look like you just stepped off the Red Carpet.  Nothing wrong with that.  Try it and thank me later.  


Okay so I got this app then had to delete it because I felt like a stalker, but it was fun while it lasted.  Only girls can access it.  Cosmopolitan claims it's "Sex and the City meets Facebook".  Girls can anonymously review guys based on if he is a friend, crush, hookup, or relative.  Sooo if you've got your eye on someone, you can check out what others girls say about him.  However, I wouldn't recommend actually basing your opinion on this- it's just fun to see. Scratch that, it's hilarious.  


  1. I love seeing other people's favorite apps! I have that Nike Trainer app and I've tried (key word, TRIED) some of the workouts...oh em gee they're freakin hard! haha! "Get ready to sweat" is an accurate statement!

    1. I could not agree more! I started off a little too ambitious by trying the Advanced level and after a couple minutes I was dead haha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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