A Sorority Spa-Cation

Between rush, class, football games, formal, and socials, it seems like there's always an occasion to dress up and look cute. With your painted nails, hair bows, and lipstick secured, you're only missing one more thing- smooth, sexy legs. That means "No Shave Novemberis not in the cards for you this year.

They say that beauty is pain, but beauty is also hard work. Sometimes, you want to just sit back and relax for once! 

As always, I have a solution. Call me your fairy godmother. 

Crowdtap and Veet have partnered up to create a program specifically for sorority women called "A Sorority Spa-cation", where hosts will be chosen at different universities across the country and will receive free products from Veet that they can test out. This includes anything from wax strips to hair removal creams, plus products like homemade lip scrubs and chalkboard nail polish. Think about it- you won't have to ever shave again so no razor bumps or gashes in the leg. And you won't have to plan out when you'll shave in order to get optimal smoothness for semi- you'll always have smooth skin...and kissable lips to match! 

Once you're a host, all you have to do is invite your friends to check out
Veet's amazing beauty products and then report back to Crowdtap with their thoughts. P.S. Being a campus advocate is always a good resume-booster.
 If you want to become a Veet Vixen and want to experience that feeling of "getting away" after a rejuvenating visit from the spa you can visit this website: 

So let's back up for a sec. What is Crowdtap? It's a website that allows you to engage with the brands you want and share your experiences with their products. You're given challenges to complete and then given rewards for your efforts. Again, free stuff. Check it out here

Who says every day can't be a vacation? Taking a spa day every day is nothing to be ashamed about. Especially if you're looking good while doing it. And getting free stuff. And hanging out with friends. And building your resume. So where will your 
spa-cation take you? 

Just be sure to be back in time for Chapter, philanthropies, and Homecoming! 


  1. Wow, I love this post. You went from fairy godmother to informative blogger in such a smooth transition. I totally forgot about #noshavenovember lol not sure if I'm participating in that this year ;)

  2. This post is perfect for your blog! Good job :)



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