Spring Break Essentials

It's midterms!! Everyone's favorite part of the semester where the libraries are swarmed with overworked, sleep-deprived students, anxious to prove all the valuable knowledge they've retained throughout the semester thus far. Kind of hard to prove especially if you haven't done half of the readings or stayed awake during lecture. And even if you were on top of your game and know your information front and back, there's always the bell-cure to knock you down.  Don't even get me started on the bell-curve. Oh and most of the questions are at least ten times harder than they were in class. Plus, you're probably sick right like the rest of the student body.

Sooooo I've decided to focus on Spring Break instead.  Way easier than studying. I'm tellin ya these are the must-haves of the season. Get your credit cards ready; you're about to do some damage. 

Guarantee if you got your swimsuit from Victoria's Secret, Buckle, or Target there will be at least one girl wearing the same one. There's nothing like the anticipation and excitement of showing off your new suit to the world being crushed by some girl wearing the exact same one.  Who does she think she is?! You called dibs. This is not another one of the celebrity "Who Wore It Better" contests. In order to avoid this altogether, find a unique suit to fit your style. Some trends of the season are one-shoulder suits (as pictured above), cut-out suits, and my all time favorite- sequins. I don't know what I'm more excited about- the stellar suits or the crazy tan lines. 

After all those years of making fun of my mom for wearing her pants so high, it's finally come back in style. You can rock it with an edgier top like Miley, a swimsuit top, or a flowy sheer shirt. The possibilities are endless. The only bad thing is it covers up your perfectly sculpted abs... 

Don't forget your stunna shades.  Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they allow you to creep on other people without them knowing.  It's a win-win. This season is all about crazy shades so don't be afraid to mix it up from the classic frames. 

So maybe they aren't very practical for the beach, but I couldn't resist.  I absolutely love wedges.  Pick one with a fun pattern or stick to the classics- you can't go wrong.  Plus, they're wayyy easier to walk in than heels and have a little more of a laid-back look.

The romper- just as convenient as a classic swimsuit cover-up but ten times classier.  It'll look like you actually made an attempt to look presentable. Ha, it's Spring Break- you shouldn't have to do anything hence the break.

Simple as that. Just grab a towel and sunscreen and you're set...after you survive midterms. 


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