5 Things You Learn from Sorority Recruitment

It's almost that wonderful time of year once again- Bid Day, where hundreds of girls parade through the streets to their new home, welcomed by their overly excited sisters who went through this same process a year or two ago. The active members are ecstatic to greet their  amazing, adorable, potential littles, and say farewell to hours and hours of hard preparation.

Contrary to popular belief, sorority recruitment is hard work. Active members have to sing, clap, and scream simultaneously while flashing smiles that trump Julia Roberts' for at least two eight-hour days and then continue to talk to potential new members without breaking a sweat (literally and figuratively). And that's followed by a full week of practice. After going through the other side of recruitment, sorority girls develop so many more skills besides flawlessly walking in wedges and mastering the art of small talk; they can do just about anything. Just look at Elle Woods (post Harvard)! Or Tory Burch...or Carrie Underwood...or Katie Couric...

1. Rock any interview
After talking to hundreds of girls during recruitment, sorority girls know how to talk to just about anyone. Better yet, they can answer any question someone fires their way quickly and eloquently. They learn to exude confidence and positivity. Members are pros at turning any negatives into positives, which is crucial to nailing any interview and snagging the job. For example, someone might ask:

"You have to go to Chapter every week?" 

And someone would answer: 

"Yes. It's a great way to catch up with your sisters and learn about important information and fun, upcoming events! Plus you get dinner. Have you heard about our amazing chef?" 


2. Market your way to the top
Sorority girls are possibly the greatest marketers and sellers. They have to convince each and every girl that goes through recruitment that their sorority is the best thing since...America. They know exactly what to say to put themselves and their sorority in the brightest light. They can promote their events, philanthropy, house, and sisterhood in their sleep. In this day and age, it's critical to know how to market one's business and oneself. 

3. Connect with anyone
During recruitment, you're bound to run into people who don't want to be there. Maybe they're tired, they already have their heart set on a different Chapter, or they already decided sorority life isn't in their stars. Regardless, members still have to talk to them- and like it (or at least pretend to). Similarity, if a member has to talk to someone who shares nothing in common with them, they still have to make the conversation flow smoothly and relate somehow. This is definitely not an easy task, especially when it comes to the end of the day when everyone is exhausted. However, in life, it's important to be able to connect with anyone no matter how different they are. You won't always like your coworkers or in-laws or professors but you still have to learn to make things work, and the easiest way to do that is to be personable. 

4. Think on your feet 
When it comes to tricky situations, sorority girls are masterminds. Even with countless hours of planning and preparations, something is bound to go wrong during recruitment. Luckily, sorority girls know how to handle the situation and exercise their problem-solving skills quickly and calmly. Additionally, they understand that problems aren't the end of the world- they're a chance to grow which is also true in life. On a daily basis, you'll be faced with situations in which you have to come up with the most effective and logical solution, without getting too torn up about things going wrong in the first place.

5. Work as a team 
Last but not least, recruitment teaches the importance of working as a team. A sorority is only as strong as their weakest link, or as cheerful as their smallest smile, or as loud as their quietest clap. If one person isn't giving 100% it brings the whole team down. To be successful, its necessary to be able to motivate everyone and get them on the same page. Everyone needs to work together to make sure everything is going smoothly and must be willing to help out when needed. Another important aspect of working as a team is being knowledgable of one another. Knowing people's strengths, weaknesses, interests, and dislikes can be invaluable. Plus, being aware of what your sisters/"teammates" are up to shows the potential new members that you actually care about one another. Being able to work as a team stretches far past life in a sorority- it can be applicable in sports, in school, in work, and in relationships. 

So is giving up two weeks of summer for recruitment worth it? Absolutely. 


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