HitBliss: they'll give it to you no interruptions

Imagine this. You're enjoying your favorite TV show while you probably should be studying for finals, but whatever. Sometimes your weekly does of the tube is necessary. You're literally at the edge of your seat, eyes glued to the screen while holding your breath. OMG. The suspense. You're finally about to figure out the winner, the murder, the mistress (?)- I don't know something important and the BOOM. Commercial break. What kind of sick person would do this?! Seriously, as embarrassing as it sounds, you could probably recite those stupid, annoying ads that they show over and over again. 

Who has time for that? That's right- no one. I read about this cool new way to legally stream videos and TV shows right from your computer from an article on Her Campus. It's called HitBliss. Basically, you can watch anything under the sun without interruptions. Hoodie Allen would be proud. So what's the catch? You just have to earn it. By watching ads, you accumulate a balance that you can use to watch whatever movies or shows you like. You can even choose the ads you want to watch! 

Whenever you have a spare minute, watch an ad and voila! It's almost like a game- it asks you to either click or press enter during a certain part of the ad so it know's you're paying attention. Trickyyy. 

Convinced? Here's the link to sign up http://bit.ly/Y9mz7z

Think of all the loooong summer days you can enjoy basking in the sun and watching HitBlis. Plus your friends will think you've got VIP privileges or something because you don't have the watch the ads. I won't tell I promise. 


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