space jam

No- the dorm rooms in college are not anything like the ones you see in those PB Teen magazines. Well, in my experience anyway it was far from that. My roommate and I were forced to make a tiny, lifeless room look uhh liveable. It was quite the task let me tell you. Especially for me because I am the ultimate pack rat. In order to make it look semi-cute we had to keep everything in place otherwise we'd literally drown in our mess. 

It's important to optimize your living space by strategically setting up your room. I needed the most space I could get so I chose to loft my bed. My roommate and I set up our beds so that we'd have room for sort of an entertainment area for people to come in and chill. We used this to lure people in. Gotta make friends somehow right?  Actually, I think the first week we tried to make friends by giving people food. 

So, since I had the space under my bed to use for a desk and shelving, I was able to put a lot of my storage containers on the shelves. I used the mini 3-drawer storage containers for makeup, hair accessories, jewelry, school supplies- you name it! 

Another perk of having a lofted bed was that I could hang things off of it. I found some hooks that I placed off the foot of my bed to hold things like coats, towels, bags, things like that. That way it didn't take away from the much-needed closet space. 

There were a couple of downsides to having a lofted bed, however. One being that it was very difficult to get up and down sometimes especially because there was no ladder. Yes, there were days when I would actually fall on the ground trying to get down from there. Good times. The absolute worst thing was when I would be in my bed all cozy and realize I needed something down below. I cannot tell you how many times I was up in my bed and would think of a brilliant idea and would have no where to write it down. Okay that actually never happened because I don't have very many brilliant ideas. More often than not, it was that I remembered I had an assignment due and needed to write it down in order to remind myself to do it. Other times, I'd drop my phone from my bed. Don't even get me started on the countless phone issues I had last year. Just don't.

I was looking online and found something that would've solved all one of my issues last year. It's a little storage for the side of your bed that could hold phones, notepads, pens, books. WHAT. I seriously want to relive Freshmen year all over again just to experience life with this. There's one from RHL that's called the "bedside buddy" otherwise you could probably find one somewhere else or even make one. 

I need to stop. This is giving me nostalgia. And making me want to admit something very embarrassing...

I actually loved living in the dorms. Mmmm those dirty tile floors and brick walls. Paradise. 



  1. You know, I never lived in dorms when I was in college, but in high school, our cheer camps were held at a local university and we stayed in the dorms. I feel like maybe I'm not cut out for dorm life, so kudos to you! Haha! I'm sure despite the downsides, there's many more upsides!


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