an ode to no shave november

No Shave November in Haikus

It's said that haikus are a form of poetry that express natural beauty. I thought there was no better way to show my feelings for No Shave November in an eloquent, poetic way. For those of you who aren't familiar with this art form, the first and last lines are 5 syllables and the middle line is 7 syllables. So here it goes: 

A Gentle Reminder
Boys with beards are gross 
Shave it off right now or I'll
Punch you in the face

If you can't pull it off, please don't do the whole No Shave November thing. It makes you look like a caveman. If I'm feeling nostalgic, I'd rather whip out some old pictures, not look at a prehistoric creature. 

Waiting for the Day
No Shave November
The worst time of the year un-
less girls can partake 

As Americans we're promised equality and the pursuit of happiness so it's basically written in the Constitution that No Shave November should be acceptable for girls too. Unfortunately, girls are still expected to shave throughout this lovely month so guys just need to learn to suck it up. 

Change of Heart 
Ignore what I said
It's not so bad anymore 

After looking at these pics, it's clear that NSN isn't so bad after all. It's really starting to grow on me...get it?! Grow?

...So who's your favorite? Comment below!

    Chris Hemsworth


Chase Crawford

David Beckham

James Franco

Ryan Reynolds


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