the many things that are greater than midterms

School is important, don't get me wrong but sometimes you have to loosen up a little- especially when shake weights, Chipotle and Ellen DeGeneres are involved. 

Last Monday night, the Ellen DeGeneres show took over the 600th block of State Street in Madison, where they held a costume contest. Ellen tweeted earlier that day, inviting people to be dress up in their craziest costumes and be ready to go by 4 p.m. Hold the phone. First off, I love Ellen; she's hilarious. Second off, I love going to stuff like that because it gives me inherent bragging rights. What did you do today? Class? Psh, I was on the Ellen Show. I'm so there. 

Buuuuut I was drowning in midterms. As in floundering at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean amid a herd of angry great white sharks. Basically, I couldn't go because I had to study. 

So I packed up my backpack, coffee in hand, and walked to the library. Too bad the taping just so happened to be conveniently on the way. WAT UP ELLEN?! 

It was crazy though, people dressed up as shrubs, aliens, vampires, Transformers- you name it. 

People with the best costumes were picked to appear on the show. Among the finalists was Dwight (from The Office), Earth Wind and Fire, an awkward family photo, crew members of the Ellen Show and a guy in Ellen underwear. From there, they were challenged to find the most creative thing to wrap up in tin foil like a burrito. In case you missed it on TV, here's what they came up with. The winner received $10,000! Unreal. 

If it wasn't cool enough to be on national television (even if I was a just a dot on the screen, I made the cut) Chipotle just came out with sofritas aka tofu!!! Chipotle, you've done it again! I love you. 

Let's cut to the chase here. School should be a component to your life but it shouldn't take over your whole life. So when the opportunity knocks to dress up on national television and win $10,000- take it. When you're feeling in a slum because of school, step back and remember that life isn't so bad- Chipotle now has tofu! Most importantly, the experiences and friendships in college are much more worth-while than one crummy grade on a midterm. 


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