It's been almost a year since I got my first and only tattoo on my left shoulder saying "believe." When people ask me why I got it, I give them the Spark Notes version of it, not really bothering to get into my whole reasoning.  Partly because it's a loooong explanation and partly mostly because I sound so cheesy when I try to articulate it.  I think because of that, I've forgotten the true significance of it, especially this past semester when I got caught up in,  When I was worried about my future, or grades, or boys, or drama, and felt overwhelmed by it all, I used to ask myself: "What happened to the girl with the believe tattoo?"  This winter break has really given me the time to think and I've realized she's still here, baby.
Many people think I got my tattoo because I loved Justin Bieber.  I can't deny that part of my past- I did love the JB and I think I will always respect him as an artist.  However, it's not why I got my tattoo.  In fact, I got the idea for my tattoo my freshmen year of high school long before I even knew that beautiful falsetto voice of an angel.  I don't even want to know how young he was at that time. 

It actually started at a school event where we were asked to decorate a mirror based on how we perceived ourselves.  At that time, I was really into sports (okay...nothing has changed) so I picked a word that really resonated with me and my experiences with that.  I learned that without practice, hard work, and passion nothing can be achieved.  And I also learned that no matter how far behind you are, you can always come back and win it all- if you believe.  Started from the bottom, now we're here. See? Drake knew it.  The Biebs knew it.  We all know that anything is possible if you set                                                   your mind to it.  (I told you it would be cheesy.) 

Moving on.  As I placed those cutout letters on my mirror, I noticed that "live" was embedded in the word.  Some may call it dyslexia, I call it genius.  Ever since then, believe has been somewhat of my motto.

Believing in yourself, believing in others, believing in love, believing in miracles, believing that your hard work will earn you that A or your dream job. Believing in a higher being, believing that things will get better, believing that everything happens for a reason.
It doesn't matter what you believe in. Whatever that is, gives you the opportunity to live.  Without the belief that you're making the world a better place with your talent, you give up something you absolutely love doing.  Once you do that, you deny yourself the chance to truly live. 

So that's why I got my tattoo.  To always remind myself and others that whatever life brings, you have to believe in something, anything.  It's on my left collarbone so it's always visible in the mirror and close to my heart. (Again with the cheese...)

Take this New Year as an opportunity to look over the things that really matter in your life- Is it friends? School? Your career? Music? Traveling? Taking ridiculously cute Instagram pics? (I don't judge.)  Make goals accordingly and take action.  Believe in an amazing life and I promise, it will come to you.  

Whew.  And that's the story behind it all.  Happy New Year everyone :) :) 


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