Baby, It's Cold Outside

I'm done. This cold weather is absolutely ridiculous. My best friend has become my space heater. Yeap, that's a new low.

Now that I'm over the initial shock of the negative degree weather, I'm trying to embrace it. Trying is the key word here. No, but really there are some positive things about these teeth-chattering temperatures! 

First of all, think of the cute clothes you can wear during the chilly months. Sweaters, boots, legwarmers- you name it. And what about those steamy, delicious Starbucks drinks you have to have to survive? I mean, when else can you rationalize spending five dollars on coffee? Or doing absolutely nothing but cuddling in bed in your cozy pajamas watching your favorite TV show? Or skipping class because it's "too dangerous" to be out in the cold? Use the weather to your advantage. When our bodies are cold, they actually burn more calories to try to warm up the core temperature. So...does this mean I can skip the gym again? Score.

Think of the weather like life events. If there were no ups and downs in'd be dead. Flat-lined. Done. Our body responds to change. Without change, our brain can't interpret situations to be good or bad. Long story short, you need to experience some lows to appreciate the highs. And in this case, the lows I'm talking about are temperatures. Sure, I like to think I'd never get sick of warm weather, but the truth is, if it were always warm, I'd grow accustomed to it and forget how much I enjoy it.

When you're cooped up in the house searching for warmth, you're mostly likely not alone. Spend time with family or enjoy a long phone call to your BFF. According to a study in 2012, we are more likely to talk to loved ones longer when it's cold out (Huffington Post). So even if your body is cold, your heart won't be. How touching.


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