Rock Yo Body!

Can't believe it's already January. Let the countdown to Spring Break begin! I know right when I get back to school from break the gym will be PACKED. It's crunch time people. Literally.

What's my plan? It's a little different than most. I'm trying going vegan. Yes, that means no meat, dairy, eggs, or anything that comes from an animal. For me, this approach works perfectly because I have impeccable self-control when I have goals and restrictions, but when it's a free-for-all it gets ugly. I can't control myself.

Today is day 2 of going vegan and I already feel so much better about myself. I feel more energized, more awake, more confident, more like myself. Yes, I want milk. Yes, that cake looks amazing but ya know what? It's not worth it. I would rather feel like this every day, than give into temptation. Trust me, once you're over the initial pang of desire, you're golden. Remember, you're stronger than that.

Veganism has health benefits like reducing cholesterol, and the risk of cancer and heart disease. It can also help you shed some lbs since it's mostly plant-based. Hello beach bod! There are other benefits associated with going vegan. It helps the planet and no animal cruelty is involved.

It's become a hot trend in Hollywood. And by hot, I mean these stars are smokin hot. Take Carrie Underwood for example. She admits she's 95% vegan and look at her bod and glowing complection. Other full-fledged vegans include Ellen DeGeneres, Lea Michele, Russell Brand, Pamela Anderson, and my favorite- Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. That's enough motivation in itself right?

 Here's to a rockin bod by Spring Break! Whatever works for you, do it wholeheartedly. Come March, you'll be the babe everyone is checkin out at the beach. Doesn't sound half bad ;) Ready. Set. Go. 


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