Liebster Award

I was so excited to find out I was nominated for the Liebster Award!  Mainly because it sounded cool.  I actually had absolutely no idea what it was.  
Okay so here' s the low-down.  The Liebster Award is passed along among bloggers.  The person who receives the award has to answer eleven questions about themselves that the person who nominated them came up with.  Then after answering the questions, the person must nominate eleven other bloggers and come up with questions for them.  How fun!  I love answering random questions about myself.  Probably because it forces me to think about things I usually don't think about.  Seriously, way better than homework.  

Fun fact: Liebster is a  German word meaning sweetheart, dearest, darling, favorite.  Ahhh, now I understand why I got the nomination.  I'd say I'm a pretty accurate representation of all those words.  Just kidding. are my answers.   
1.What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?
Not everyone will like me and not everything will be perfect.  I'd say I'm a slight perfectionist.  I want to be the best at everything.  And no matter how much I'm doing, I always feel like I need to do more.  I'm realizing that not everything in life will be perfect.  One of my favorite quotes is "if you wait till everything is perfect, you've waited too long."  So true.  Another lesson is that not everyone will like me.  When I was younger, I'd do everything in my power to try to make everyone like me.  But when I did that, I'd get pushed around and molded into something that I wasn't.  It's hard knowing that some people won't like me for me.  I know now that I need to not worry so much about what other people think and just be me, but it's definitely a work-in-progress.  
2. Do you have a motto that you live your life by? What is it?
I recently got a tattoo that say "Believe".  Basically any quotes that are about hope or believing in yourself get me every time.  I could go on about this forever.  
3. What is your favorite publication and how often do you read it?
I actually hate reading books more than once, I don't know why.  My favorite series of all-time is The It Girl.  When I was in preschool, we had to fill out a sheet with our favorite book and I said The Bible.  Haha what a classic.  
4. Why did you start your blog?
I love to write and love to try new things, so why not?!  Also, Winter Break was a little too long for my liking.  I got so bored I had to do something with my life.  
5. What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’? And are you on your way there?
When I was younger, I wanted to be a new thing every week.  Oh wait, that still happens and I'm a sophomore in college.  I really gotta figure my life out, like tomorrow.  But when I was younger, I was determined to be famous for something, anything really.  At first, it was being an Olympic ice skater.  Then, a professional soccer player.  I also had a stage of wanting to be a backup dancer.  Yes, I was a strange child.  Oh and you can't forget about wanting to be a dolphin trainer!  I also wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model, dermatologist, magazine editor, actress, and talent agent.  So to get to the point, yes, I  am in fact on my way to being a Victoria's Secret model!  But seriously, I think college has really helped me gain a better sense of what I want to be in the future.  I definitely feel closer to discovering my true passion and am determined to pursue that.  In one of my diaries (Ha yes I did have diaries. Embarrassing) I said "when I grow up, I want to be happy."  So in that sense, I would say I am well on my way there.  
6. BEST dessert you ever had: ____.
Wow. Too hard. I'd say those Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Bars with chocolate on top and peanut butter deliciousness on the bottom.  But since I'm vegan now I can't have that .  Thank God, or I'd be like a hundred pounds heavier.  I'm a recent fan of jelly beans if that counts?  
7. Favorite place in the world?
You're killin me.  I love love love California.  But I've also had so many good memories on other vacations.  And whenever I'm away from Madison, I go through withdrawal.  To be honest though, I'd say my favorite place in the world is where ever my favorite people are <3
8. Where do you see yourself at age 30? (30, flirty and thriving?)
I hope to be livin the dream.  I hope to find a job that is fulfilling and am passionate about, so it doesn't seem like a job at all.  I hope to embody youth no matter what.  Hopefully I'll be married or at least in a serious relationship with a serious hottie...who is also sweet, funny, determined, ya know the works.  I also hope to have an amazing group of friends.  I want to be someone who others look up to.  I also hope I'm good at tennis or golf.   
9. If you could interview anyone in history, who would you interview and why?
Seriously, I think interviewing people is so interesting so I'd pretty much be willing to interview anyone.  Let's history I'd want to interview Marilyn Monroe maybe?  Or someone like Hitler to see what he was thinking.  But now I'd love to interview one of role models Adriana Lima.  
10. The last dream you had involved…
I usually don't remember my dreams.  Is that bad?  But I imagine I dream of hot, sexy men taking me on lavish dates to exotic places?  

Alright, now for my questions!
1. Backstreet Boys or N*Snyc?  Why?
2. If you could cast anyone to play you in a movie, who would it be?  
3. What is something that you are most proud of?  
4. If you were to die today, what is one word that you hope to be remembered by?  
5. What is something you've done this past year that would surprise your previous self? 
6. What is your biggest pet peeve and why? 
7. What is the top thing on your bucket list?  
8. What is something that you always need with you?  (besides the obvious like cell phone and keys) 
9.  What is your biggest beauty secret? 
10. What is the best prank you've ever played on someone? 
11. Are you an early birds or a night-owl?  
And my nominations :) 
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