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This Thursday I did something I've never done before- I went to a Drag Show. And let me tell you, it was an experience!  If you know anything about me I live for trying new things. Seriously, my bucket list is miles long. So when my friend Ally told me about the Drag Show I was up for it one hundred percent.  Plus, in one of my classes we were talking about the show RuPaul's Drag Race and one of the contestants from Season 2, Jujubee, was hosting it.  I mean, I've never seen the show, but I'm a sucker for celebrities even if I have no idea who they are.  (Yes I am pathetic if that's what you were thinking.)  

I went with my two friends Erin and Ally.  It was held at the Memorial Union Great Hall, so basically a huge room with a stage set up and about four hundred people.  Everyone was so jacked to be there which was probably one of the best parts!  Besides Jujubee. 

Omg I'm literally obsessed with her (him?)  Jujubee if you ever read this, can we please be best friends?! She was so full of life and her confidence was sky high.  Probably one of the most charismatic people ever.  She admitted she wasn't perfect, but yet owned all of her imperfections through her jokes and her self-assurance.  Like she said "We as drag queens take pictures once, then put a filter on it, and then put another filter over that. Then post it on Instagram and hashtag 'no filter'".  Soooo funny, everything she said.  

Jujubee performing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. 

The Drag Show consisted of drag queens performing songs by lip syncing and dancing.  Daaaaamn, they could work it!  You could tell all of them loved every second of what they were doing.  And the energy from the crowd was great.  Everyone was so supportive and encouraging.  If you're lookin for upbeat and lively, go to a Drag Show. I didn't really know what it was before I went. I personally thought it would be like a fashion show but with drags. Um, hello where have I been? 

What stuck out to me the most was that they were all completely confident in themselves no matter what. Jujubee said this month was "Out and About Month" obviously meaning for LBGT people, but she said it was so much more than that.  It was about being proud of who you are every day, and accepting people's differences regardless of societal "norms".  She said set a goal for this month and accomplish it.  And then love yourself for you.  Ah, goal setting, wise words of wisdom. When you have a plan to accomplish something, you're more likely to achieve it and you most likely will complete it faster if you set a goal.  Remember: it takes twenty one days for something to become a habit.  I can dig that.  Like after twenty one days, your good behavior will be second nature.  Beautiful. 

I give props to each and every performer who worked their magic up onstage and who proudly owned their sexual orientation.  It must take great courage to be different than what some people deem as "right" or socially acceptable.  I know I fall into this trap too.  I've said it before, but I often find myself too concerned about what other people think.  Sometimes it's easier to change who you are to fit in, but is it really worth it? "People gonna hate whether you doin bad or good."  So you might as well do what makes you happy! 

After I left, I was feelin good about myself with a new found sense of confidence, ready to show the world I'm fabulous just by being the way I am.  So this whole post is super cheesy, but it's actually an important message.  Number one: love yourself, you're amazing ;) Number two: don't let others get you down Number three: GO TO A DRAG SHOW it's funnnn I promise.  

Keep your head, heels, and standards high.  No one can rock your brand of beautiful better than you.  

Mhmm yeah that's right. 


  1. Ohhhh my gosh this is hysterical!!!! I'm so jealous, I feel like this semester has tons of fun stuff going on and I'm missing all of it! I miss you hotties and I demand a celebration when I finally get home!

    This is your fav. sorority sister Liz by the way ;) I clearly haven't figured out how to put my real name on these, technology is hard.


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