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It's hard to believe that beauty & a blog is now officially ONE years old!!! I was feeling pretty nostalgic on New Year's because last year I had the opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl.  Not only was I warm in California (like WHAT are these negative 50 degree temperatures?!) but I also got to watch my beloved Bagders in the biggest game of the season.  

Naturally, I traced back my very first blog post to help me reminisce of the days of Santa Monica Beach and trying to navigate West Hollywood in 5 inch heels.  

It was titled "We're Doin' It Live" in honor of our adventures in Cali.  We had absolutely no plans.  We just went for it.  And we had the time of our lives.  

Our only goals were to not get lost and to not die.  Miraculously, we managed to pull both of those off.  Maybe it was because of the couple's advice we shared our taxi from the airport with- "don't ever agree to leave with a producer who promises to put you on TV and wants to bring you back to party at his mansion in the Hills because 1) he's not a producer and 2) his house is most definitely not in the Hills."  

Let's just say my dreams were crushed right then and there, but hey they probably saved my life.  

As I finished reading my post, the last paragraph really stuck out to me. It read: 

Sometimes, I get so caught up in making plans that I forget to just enjoy life. Other times, I pass up experiences because I'm too busy or don't have enough money or whatever. In this new year, I plan to take myself less seriously and let go while also remembering what's important. There are times when it's necessary to just go for it. There will always be excuses, but will there always be these opportunities? No. Whatever 2013 brings, go with it. I promise you won't regret it. 

Wow, when did I get so smart?  After reading this, I realized that I didn't really carry this throughout all of 2013.  Up until summer, I was a little happy-go-lucky girl who was ready to do everything and anything- no questions asked.  I wanted to make the most out of every moment.  I traveled to Florida/Boston/NYC/Iowa, ran a marathon, started a blog, got into the J-school, got a sports writing position, made the Dean's List, and still found time to have fun with friends.  OMG how annoying was I?! I was one of those people who actually had their life together. But this semester, I kinda forgot what it was like to live.  I mean really live though. Obviously I still have great memories (helloooo 21st birthday!!) but often times I was so stressed out with school and my future that I forgot how to let go and "do it live."  I never went into anything without a plan and when I did, I felt guilty for not doing something productive.  

So this is just another reason why this year I'm going to write down what I learn every day in a binder so I can look back and remember how wise I am. (okay maybe that's a little bit of a stretch. I wouldn't exactly consider myself wise...at all.) 

I can't wait to start off this new year with a new perspective...or should I say old because I already had this perspective once before..?  Regardless, let's make 2014- and every other year- a one of "doin' it live" because why not?! 

So travel somewhere you've never been before, learn to do something random, take a class just because, drive, laugh, wink at a cutie across the room, apply for your dream job...and most importantly, look back in a year and be happy for all that you've accomplished!   


  1. Love this!! Congrats on your blogiversary!! =)


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