you learn something new every day

I remember every day when my dad got home from work, he would sit at the kitchen table and have dinner.  When I strolled crawled  through the kitchen after a tough soccer practice the first thing he would ask was the dreaded question: "so what did you learn at school today?" Time after time, I would answer "nothing".  Little Miss Sassy, everybody. 

Thinking back, I realize that 1) I had a serious case of teenage angst and 2) I actually did learn something important every day even if it wasn't necessarily related to school, which is still true to this day.  

In 2014, I want to make a mini "book" of all the things I learn each day because often times I learn something and then forget it months later when I could really use that advice.  It'll be like my very own guide to life- some funny, some serious, some educational, some fun.

For example: "today I learned that barbecue sauce tastes good on literally everything. But like literally everything." Or "today I learned that you burn 20% more fat if you workout before breakfast." (That's actually true!) Or "today I learned that it's okay to ask for help. It doesn't make me seem weak or incapable of doing something on my own.  People are meant to help each other and the people who actually care about me will always be willing to lend a hand...or that really cute dress!"  

Throughout the year, I can look through my binder that I've created to remind myself of what I've already learned so I don't repeat the same mistakes.  Instead, I can use it as inspiration and make this year the best year yet!  Cheers to 2014!!

SO for my first lesson of the new year...

Today I learned that liquid and iPhones don't mix well and that New Year's Eve parties are really hard to clean up after the next morning. Not to mention, absolutely disgusting. Talking about feelings isn't as hard/scary/horrifying as I thought and it's actually pretty refreshing. Moms are the best listeners. Lastly, midday naps are an amazing thing.  Whoever came up with siestas was a genius.  


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